seeing d’espairsray again should make me feel happy right? i feel so… empty
and sad. but in a happy way
i just.. d’espa……

big gundam (at Zepp DiverCity Tokyo)
also derp #ootd
i also won the first prize at maidreamin, chocolate cake ;; (at No.1 MaiDreamin Akihabara)
#nge #neongenesisevangelion #evangelionworld #fujiq #unit01
tomorrow ;; i think im going to cry a lot
i won a penpen at the arcade! (at Akihabara)
okay so today i decided it was gonna be the last day i spend money on anime merch (except for clothes) no more animu
went to maidreamin!! (at No.1 MaiDreamin Akihabara)
this is where we eat